Wednesday, January 26, 2011

clAp foR tHe nEW comErS!!!

Hye there..syakirin and emilyn here..we're quite new in this, n we started with ZERO knowledge of this blogging thingy.. we do hope we'll be able to  improve our writing skills as we'll be writing more n more here in future..first, let me introduce ourselves very briefly's emilyn from Kelantan n Syakirin is from Terengganu..both of us have d same interest, which is JALAN2 CARI MAKAN! ( i bet everybody does ryt?haha)..kitorg da pegi banyak restoran, warung, kopitiam n da mcm2 makanan ktorg rase, but sadly we never took pics of em..then suddenly baru2 ni, one of us terfikir, why not we create our own BLOG MAKANAN n share our experiences with others..that's how diz DAPOR INSTANT came into existence actually..hahah..juz to inform that this blog will  be a medium for everyone utk usha-usha makanan yang best2 as well as the restaurants..kitorg akan start all over again and start snap pics byk2 lpas ni so dat we can share 'em with others.. All of the foods portrayed are all comes from our own experiences. So, we likely wanna share our favourite food which great for our tongue, and might also great for you. This is just the beginning...the food journey still long to go. Feel free to view!! Sharing food is Caring mood:-)

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