Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tips: Choose the Best Restaurant When Travelling..;p

How many times have u found urself searching clueless for an eatery where u can catch a quick late brunch and get on with roaming about the city? Finding a decent place to eat when u are on a vacation can be a task unto itself..

Dun's some tips on choosing the best place to need not be an expensive place, it need not be a well known long as u enjoy ur meals n ur happy with it, then it must be the best place for u!:)

While searching for restaurants in a new place u must have certain parameters in mind by which u will stick while finding a place to eat:
The last thing u want is to fall sick while u're on a holiday. Therefore, if u come across a restaurant that may serve food that is tasty but looks like it is in dire need of pest control or a cleaning crew then it is best to avoid it. It's best to prevent than cure..:)

If the restaurant seems to be overflowing with diners whenever u pass by, then it probably be a great place to catch ur meals at. One of the surest ways to spot good local restaurants during vacations is to check out the customer base.  


Customer Service
  If the manager comes out and greet u with a smile as u peek in unsurely and offers to get u a table, it may be a good place to eat. How they treat their customers must be really concern about..remember, customer is alwitz right!:p

    A lot of roadside restaurants have the popular dishes from their menu put up outside for passer by to read. A lot of customers are attracted this way if the items on the menu look appetizing. If u come across a sign board with the daily menu of the restaurant written in chalk on it that u think might taste good, why not try it? 

    How the restaurant serves its food, how clean the tables, plates and floor are and how the place is set up inside makes a huge difference to one’s appetite. Therefore, first impression is very important..As one of the Malay's saying,     " Jatuh cinta pandang pertama.."

      well, i guess that's all we can share for now..sometimes it depends on each individual on how they choose their own place to eat...we just wanna share what we have in mind..

      "my only advice is, as long as u enjoy ur meals n ur happy with it, then it must be the best place for u! :)"

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